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June 2019 Market Update

A Look Inside the Summer Selling Season

At this point in the year, we don’t need a crystal ball to see how this summer selling season will go… Although it is not particularly exciting, the forecast is a desirable one.

Markets across the country are moderating toward a middle ground between buyers and sellers. While the trend has remained of higher sales prices with inventory options running relatively low, buyers are beginning to find wiggle room at some price points and locations… 

Here’s what we saw this month:

Buyers Advice: If you are wondering to yourself if now is the right time for you to buy – Please trust me when I say “YES!” Today is always better than tomorrow, and especially six months down the road whenever it comes to buying a home. While buying during the competitive summer months may seem intimidating to some, it’s nothing compared to what is on the horizon for our housing market here in just a few short months even.

Those looking to buy should start preparing themselves & their finances now in order to move quickly as soon as the home they want comes on the market. Those wanting more information or have questions should contact me today – I would be more than happy to help you, no matter what stage you may be in the process.

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Sellers Advice: Wondering when the ‘right’ time to sell might be? According to expert analysts, if you intend to sell your home, this year might be the best time to get top dollar for your home. Market indicators suggest the state economy will likely dip nationwide in 2020. This could affect San Diego home prices negatively, though no one believes values will drop like they did in 2008. Rather, they could just remain flat. Home prices are expected to rise in 2019 at just more than 4 percent and local real estate gurus suggest many will start looking to purchase a home late in the year. While summer months have always been promising times to sell your home quickly & for top dollar, for those still in the initial stages of preparing their home for market – now is the time to consult with an expert and start the process!

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