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“Snob” people in La Jolla Real Estate

You’re gonna want to find out more about the people in La Jolla if you have plans on buying a La Jolla Real Estate anytime soon

The La Jolla real estate is known to be one of the most affluent communities in San Diego. Is that why people here are famous for being “Snobs?”

Things that you need to know about La Jolla real estate and its people.


La Jolla Real Estate

In our previous article about La Jolla real estate, we wrote about La Jolla being the Jewel of San Diego and the fun activities that you can do in this community. In the last paragraph we wrote “A lot of Americans believe that La Jolla locals are snobbish”. Is it true? Are locals here really snobbish? Let’s check the types of people that live here.

  1. The Corporate Climbers – The corporate climbers are mostly bachelors or modern women with high-income and high-expense. They are urban singles with an up-and-coming income, but with higher-than-average living costs.

  2. Golden Years – The people are seniors over 65 who live in the city and spent most of their retirement money to enjoy their years so they bought a La Jolla home. Some of them are still working and have a low to moderate income while most of them are retirees.  

  3. College Life – The University of California is in La Jolla. So this criterion belongs to the students in higher education.

Now, why are these people called snobs?  The truth is, they actually are not snobs at all. They are just people who are dedicated to their community. The corporate climbers are people who love their jobs or who don’t love their jobs but want to live a luxurious life in a beautiful beach city. The golden years are people who want to love the place they live and with a sense of entitlement. They love the idea of living in La Jolla and owning La Jolla real estate. College life, well, they are just normal kids who happen to be studying or living in a well-off community. Locals in La Jolla are actually extremely nice people who are proud of their community. If you ever get the opportunity to  own a piece of La Jolla Real Estate, jump on that opportunity because it will be your pride jewel and you will absolutely fall in love with this community and its people.


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